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About the book

Finally, a book on newborn feeding that focuses on the milks and the methods, for all families. 

Getting a baby fed is one of the most important tasks for a new parent. With straightforward advice and evidence-based reasoning, lactation consultant Victoria Facelli introduces her modern approach in Feed the Baby. Both bottle and breast are welcomed as equally valuable tools. Based on her years of experience in the field, Facelli understands what families and babies need to thrive. She explains the science behind the various options, from how milks are made to how a newborn’s sucking and swallowing skills develop. Here are dozens of nursing positions and paced bottle-feeding techniques, with suggested systems and methods for parents and partners, from those critical hours after birth through the early weeks and months to the first year. Includes detailed information on hunger cues, sleep, pumping, milk supply, and much-needed support and encouragement for challenging moments. Illustrations and links to video demonstrations make it easy to implement whatever protocol the reader decides will work best for them.

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